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Recycling silver | Why is there so little very old silver?

February 13, 2014

Have you ever wondered why there is so little really old silverware?*  For the purpose of this post, by really old, I mean older than 1600.  Apparently it has been bothering at least a few of my blog readers and shop clients, because I’ve have a number of questions about the existence and relative scarcity of really old silverware […]

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Fancy Shoulders on a Silver Pie Server and Lobster Frittata

January 21, 2014

Did you know that your silverware can have fancy shoulders? The response I often get to this question is one of outright skepticism, and occasionally concern, crossing people’s faces. Fancy shoulders I’ve not gone over the edge…it’s just a way of describing the area to either side of the point where the handle meets the […]

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Insurance Inventory | Safeguarding your Vintage Silver

January 7, 2014

Making an insurance inventory of your vintage silver, while perhaps not the sexiest of New Year’s resolutions, could save you an enormous amount of hassle — and possibly heartbreak and money.  The question once came up in conversation with a client regarding a bad experience with an insurance claim. We all know that a home […]

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Piercework Silver | Vintage Silver Terminology

December 31, 2013

Piercework silver–or pierced work silver–describes a form of decoration consisting of open holes in the metal. As I was photographing these English Georgian sugar tongs today, I was struck anew with the fabulous and rarely seen form of piercework that both decorates and structurally defines them. Piercework silver Originally piercework silver was made by punching […]

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Christmas Silverware | Setting Your Christmas Table

December 24, 2013

Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve?  Time really does fly, and I’ve got a lot of things to cross off my to-do list before tomorrow.  However, I am delighted to say, I have actually gotten the table set ahead of time this year. Setting out the Christmas silverware and making the table beautiful should be […]

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