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Silver Bacon Warmer | Victorian Inventiveness at its Best

The Victorians’ inventiveness and their love of specialist items seems to have known no bounds. Do you remember the clam-shaped silverplate biscuit barrel?  I have another great piece to share with you today.  Drumroll please. The epitome of Victorian silverplate pieces…a silver bacon warmer!

silver bacon warmer

Shown with the lid partially open, revealing the glorious bacon within!

Silver bacon warmer

When this piece first crossed my desk, it was all wrapped up in a plastic bag and layers of newspaper.  I had guessed from the general size and shape that it was going to be a chafing dish. But when the last layer was unwrapped, and this beauty was revealed, I was thrilled.  I adore bacon warmers.

My squeal of delight (undignified I know, but I have to call it like it is) brought Mr. and Master Magpies into my office to investigate.

“It’s a bacon warmer!” I exclaimed.  Their interest went from 0-60 in no time flat.  Bacon is a magic word in our house. And both were quick to jump to the correct conclusion that a bacon-filled photo shoot was in the near future.

The best part of that photo shoot was definitely the moment it ended.  Mr. and Master Magpies, plus both dogs, were thrilled the moment I set my camera down and said I was done.

silver bacon warmer

With the roll-top lid closed it looks like an egg.


This particular version is made of silverplate and is late Victorian/early Edwardian.  The roll-top and egg-shape are common to bacon warmers.  I have seen them called by other names.  The most common alternative is muffin warmer.

Of course, there is no need to limit its use to just warming bacon.  It is a great size and shape for side dishes. Asparagus, for example, would fit particularly well (though not be nearly as much interest to Master Magpies).

For more photos and full details about this silver bacon warmer, take a look at it in my ETSY shop.


Do you know a bacon aficionado…someone who belongs to a bacon of the month club?  If so, they might enjoy reading this post.  Please pass it on.