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English Domestic Silver 1500-1900 | Book Review

It has been quite some time since I posted a book review, so I thought it was time for another.  Recently arrived from Amazon is The National Trust Book of English Domestic Silver 1500-1900 by Timothy Schroder.  For those of you who are into English silver, or perhaps any Downton Abbey fans, this book would be a tremendous addition to your library.

english domestic silver

The National Trust Book of English Domestic Silver 1500-1900 is a worthy addition to the library of any English silver fan.

English Domestic Silver

Timothy Schroder manages to deftly combine a discussion of types of silver — including how it was used and styles developed — with a wider social and economic context, providing a context to understand the silversmith’s art. The huge timeframe covered by English Domestic Silver is broken into ten chapters:

  • Silver: The Metal and the Craft
  • The Early Tudors
  • The Elizabethan Age
  • The Early Seventeenth Century
  • The Restoration
  • The Huguenot Contribution
  • The Rococo Period
  • Neo-Classicism and Industrialization
  • The Early Nineteenth Century
  • The Victorian Era: Craft and Industry

It is a weighty tome, clocking in with 287 pages and that’s before you get to the appendix of famous silversmiths and other notes.  There are many black and white photos scattered through the text, but this is not a scrumptious piece of eye candy for your table.  English Domestic Silver is a well-written and engaging book and one I would strongly recommend adding to your library,


As always, when I make a recommendation of a product or person, please know that I have no financial or marketing relationship in place.  I don’t endorse anything and am not sponsored by anyone by deliberate choice. The independence of my opinion is too important to compromise.


Know any Anglophiles?  I’m sure they’d love to hear about this book…pass on this post to them!