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Silver Candlestick Damage | A Tip to Prevent Harm

This is a painful post to write, but perhaps it will save someone from some heartbreak this holiday season.  A few minutes ago, this photo popped into my inbox from a panicked reader.

silver candlestick damage

Ouch! A silver candlestick damaged from too much pressure.

While preparing the Thanksgiving table for tomorrow this person (who kindly gave me permission to publish the photo) inadvertently caused this silver candlestick damage by pushing too hard trying to put in the candle.

Sadly, there is nothing that can be done in time to rescue this candlestick for tomorrow’s feast. If you accidentally do this to one of your candlesticks DO NOT try to bend it back into shape. You will only make the problem worse. Put the silver away…possibly shed a tear or two…and then contact a reputable silversmith to see if they can help.

One Simple Tip To Avoid Silver Candlestick Damage

To avoid damaging your candlesticks, whether when putting in candles or when cleaning, you need to provide support.  In this instance of a tall single, one should hold the top of the candlestick when placing the candle.  If you have a candelabra with arms, again, support the holder area.  You don’t want the silver to bear the force of twisting or pushing.  Do exactly the same if you are cleaning the piece.

Despite being filled with cement or wax, these pieces of weighted silver, are surprisingly fragile. As happened to this piece, the point at which it narrows is particularly vulnerable.  It is very easy to crimp the silver covering, or as has happened here, bend the filler out of shape entirely.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape your candlesticks are, without support they are really easy to break.  You can prevent silver candlestick damage by simply supporting the piece  I can’t tell you how many I’ve scrapped for clients because they’ve been damaged like this one.


To all of you in the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I hope you have a great long weekend, and I hope to see you in SilverMagpies on cyber Monday 😉