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Vintage Silver Cake Knife with a Trefid handle

Have you heard/read the great Julia Child quote…”a party without cake is just a meeting“? Every time I come across it, I have to smile.  And I must say, I subscribe wholeheartedly to Julia’s wisdom.  As a result, I’m always on the lookout for great cake-related pieces to stock in my shop.  Vintage silver cake knives and servers are always in demand, but finding nice ones can be a challenge.  So when I stumbled on this beauty, I had to get it into my shop ASAP.

Vintage silver cake knife

vintage silver cake knife - trefid handle

This swoon-worthy vintage silver cake knife has a fantastic and most unusual trefid style handle!

What makes this vintage silver piece so fabulous is the trefid-style handle!  Trefid handles are also known as Trifid handles (although I don’t refer to them that way because that makes me think of the English author John Wyndham’s book “The Day of the Triffids” written in 1951…think apocalyptic sci-fi with lots of breaks for tea). Trefid handles are the first known “pattern” in silverware.  Sadly however, they only enjoyed a short burst of popularity and then pretty much faded from vision as everyone leapt on new design opportunities.  To come across a 20th century version was quite a thrill.

vintage silver cake knife - handle details

Note the additional row of beading and the acanthus leaves…

Unlike the original trefids, this one has the additional embellishments of the row of beading and the acanthus leaves wrapping the the blade-end of the handle.  Normally I’m a minimalist about silver, but I have to say this extras are really well done and add to the piece.  The other unusual aspect of this cake knife is that the handle is squared off. More usually, the handles have a round or oval handle. Again, the shape works very well with the trefid design.   It all adds up to a beautiful piece.

For full details about this vintage silver cake knife click here.


The cake in the photo is a simple chocolate bundt…very yummy and had (note the past tense) the delightful ability to get better the next day!  Beyond 24 hours is a mystery unlikely to be solved in our house.