Vintage Silver Monogram Rules

Four letter monogram

A monogram can be whatever you choose it to be. Here is a lovely example of a three - or is it four - letter monogram.

* This page is about actual rules for monogramming silver. Click here if you’re looking for the rules for the Monogram Challenge game.

Monogramming is a very personal choice. Frequently questions come up about what is the “right” way to do a monogram?

There is no right way anymore! Your rules are the Monogram Rules.

Go with what you like the best!

Emily Post is not going to send you a note and say it’s all wrong. There are lots of options.

Don’t feel compelled to stick with the traditional 3 letter monogram of her initials!

Here are a few beautiful examples.

Monogram Rules

A triple initial done horizontally.

Monogram Rules

A double initial done vertically. Note, it is a name with an apostrophe - perhaps O'Neil.

Double Initial Monogram

A double initial monogram, done in the horizontal style.

Monogram on Reverse Side - French Style

A monogram on the back side of a spoon, done in the French style where the silverware is placed with it's face to the table.

Singile initial Monogram

A simple, single initial monogram.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

  • Have the letters spaced apart and clear to read, or intertwined and open to interpretation.
  • Use a plain font, a Gothic one, or go for a free flowing script.
  • Add decoration to the actual letters or surround the letters with little decorations.
  • Use numbers instead of letters!
  • Inscribe your full name.

Monogramming silver is a dying art.

For centuries skilled artisans have specialized in this trade, creating works of art from the alphabet.Fashions change, at certain times monograms are in, then they are out. At the moment, monograms are not very fashionable.Please don’t dismiss a piece because it has a monogram that might not match your initial! My mother’s initials are not the same as mine, let alone either of my Grandmother’s. It doesn’t matter. I’ve added pieces to my personal collection just because the monogram was so beautiful. And please, please don’t remove a monogram.