Identify Silver | Know what it is before you act

A Google search on ‘identify silver marks’ led me to Silver Magpies. I emailed a question about my spoons and quickly got a response – providing me with information about them; including details about age, who made it, where it was made, and specifics about the decoration.  Silver Magpies was the only one that has actually come through with answers. Again, I appreciate your knowledge and care.” – L. Schauss

Identify Silver Treasures

Before you act, do you know what your silver piece is?  Are those marks for sterling or silver-plate? Identify silver and act out of knowledge not guesswork!

Send me information on your piece and as long as it is solid silver (meaning sterling, 925, 800, coin, or 950) I’ll tell you:

  • Where your vintage silver piece came from.
  • The composition of your silver piece, whether it’s sterling, coin, .800, .950,etc. and the detailed explanation of the difference between these standards.
  • Information about the original function of your silver piece.
  • With English silver, your report will include the precise year of make; American-made pieces generally can not be dated with that degree of precision so an approximate age will be provided.

Let’s unveil the history under the tarnish!

It’s easy to miss a genuine treasure. My client didn’t think it was anything special, just a little bowl. When I saw it, my heart began to race.

Terribly tarnished after being stored for many years, it turned out to be one of a matching pair (!) of salt cellars made by Joseph Richardson, a member of a very famous silversmithing family in Philadelphia in the 1700-1800s.

How It Works:

sterling silver hallmarks

Full set of English hallmarks.

Identification of each piece is $50.

If you would like me to identify  your silver pieces, I’ll need clear photos, like the photo above, of the:

  • Makers marks- clear close-up shot(s) of all the marks
  • The front
  • The back
  • Detail of the design

*VERY IMPORTANT! I cannot provide an identification without each of these photos.*

  1. A few brief written details like measurement e.g. 7 inches wide x 4 inches tall.
  2. To make a purchase, send me the information listed above to this email  – Info [at] SilverMagpies [dot] com
  3. After I receive your information, I’ll send you an email telling you when to expect your report. Generally the turnaround time is 4-5 business days.

What You’ll Get:

You’ll get a PDF report detailing everything that I have been able to discover about your piece. The following information is guaranteed with every solid silver identification:

  • Country of origin
  • Standard of Fineness – is it sterling, is it coin, or .800? ( a detailed explanations of Standard of Fineness will be included)
  • What it is
  • Approximate age

Please note, if your treasure is silver-plate or a silver substitute, such as alpaca or nickel silver, I can not guarantee to answer the questions above. Silver-plate and nickel silver pieces rarely have identifying marks.  They may look like sterling marks, but are decorative rather than informative.