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Silver Demitasse Cups | Comforting Eye Candy

After a serious drenching earlier this week courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, we are in the midst of drying off and warming up.  I thought a photo shoot featuring a warm and friendly subject would be timely.  I settled on pairing these lovely hammered silver demitasse cups and a tiny, piping hot serving of tomato soup.

Silver Demitasse Cups of Eye Candy

silver demitasse cups

I love silver demitasse cups, but don’t drink coffee. I don’t let that small hiccup get in the way of enjoying using them. 🙂

Their small size and useful handles make these a great way to serve a small morsel to guests at a cocktail or other standing-up and milling-around party.  Silver demitasse cups offer a great presentation for really rich and filling recipes.  Small, perfectly sized portions can be served with gorgeous flair.  Whet, rather than overwhelm your guests appetite for the rest of the meal with a beautiful amuse bouche.


Do you have a favorite 1-bite recipe?  Pretty please let me know, I’m always on the look out for them as they are a great way to use all sorts of interesting pieces of silver.


We have a winner!  I totally forgot to announce the cocktail sipper spoon drink contest winner last week.  My panel awarded the prize to Laurie of Dalla Mia Cucina for her Cafe Amore recipe.  I’m going to have to confess that I didn’t taste it as I’m not fond of coffee, but it did look gorgeous 🙂 and the panel assures me it tasted divine.

Despite my barbarian palate (I don’t like tea either!), congrats to Laurie, she has a pair of sterling cocktail swizzle sticks winging their way to her.  If you do nothing else to explore Laurie’s site check out her recipe for Orange Scented Olive Oil Cake…you can expect to see paired here with an appropriate piece of silver before too long.