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Monogram Challenge – 11 April

Monogram Challenge - 11 April 2011

Rather a difficult one today.

Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. It’s Monday, so it’s time for

The Monogram Challenge

Today we have a nice 2 letter example, done in a script. It’s quite a difficult one, but perhaps that’s a reflection of my own terrible handwriting! It’s a nice gentle challenge to get your brain in gear on a Monday morning.

For those of you who are new, welcome. Here is where you can find all the rules.

Don’t forget to send in your entries for the Monogram Challenge Contest!

The winners of the contest will be announced next Monday, and each of them will win an hour of my specialist time.  Need a piece identified? Always had an unanswered question about Grandma’s silver?  Here is your chance to get them answered.

As with most games though, you only win if you enter! Q, U  and Y are still on the loose. Is one (or more) hiding in your house? Send them in.


As always I look forward to your comments. What do you think this monogram is?

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