Vintage Silver Chantilly Flatware | 63 Years is Long Enough

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Gorham’s Chantilly flatware is one of the great classics of American vintage silver.  First issued in 1895 and highly desirable ever since, it is a design that has stood the test of time.  It works well in ultra formal settings, as well as today’s more eclectic and casual settings.

vintage silver chantilly flatware

This rustic setting demonstrates Chantilly’s great versatility. Paired with a formal limoges plate, against a distressed patio table vintage silver Chantilly shines.

Vintage Silver Chantilly, Waiting for 63 Years

vintage silver chantilly flatware

A sample piece still in the original wrapping from Gorham.

Having some Chantilly cross my desk is always a happy day. So, imagine my delight when I got a call from a client saying they had some vintage Chantilly to part with.

At our appointment, out came the vintage silver.  All laid out on the coffee table was a beautiful Chantilly flatware set for eight with six pieces per place setting and additional spoons and serving pieces.  Even more amazing was the story my client told me that went along with the flatware.

It had belonged to an Aunt, who purchased the Chantilly in 1950 and never, ever used it.  The vast majority of the pieces are still inside the original Gorham wrapping!

When is Best?

My client is quite sure her Aunt was waiting for the right time…but apparently that time never arrived.  So for 63 years, this exquisite set of Chantilly has sat in a cupboard under the eaves patiently waiting.

It has now passed into the hands of my clients, who while they appreciate it, don’t have a place for it in their own household.  They have their own silver flatware and so have contacted me.

vintage silver chantilly flatware

Even the two knives out of the bags still have the original stickers on the blades.

This story makes me so incredibly sad, and unfortunately it is part of a pattern I see repeated over and over.  We have these beautiful pieces and are then unwilling to use them until the time is perfect.

But too often, the timing is never right.  When things are tucked away out of sight, they are too often out of mind as well.  When the time for using our best arrives, we are too busy and stressed to get it out, unpack, clean it up and use it.  “Next time” we think to ourselves.

Vintage silver was made to be used.  It was designed to be functional and, honestly, it can take what we dish out on a daily basis. Even cleaning it isn’t the hassle too many people believe.


The most important people in my world are my family, they are the people who I choose to share my best with, every day.

Who do you choose to share your best with?

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