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It’s been ages since I’ve had a new piece come in with a delicious, swirly monogram for you to unravel!  However, this morning I’m working on a lovely set of ten vintage silver bread and butter plates, and as I was photographing the monogram it occurred to me that it might be a fun one for you to take a crack at.

Vintage Silver Monogram

vintage silver

The monogrammer of these vintage silver plates evidently loved making lots of loops on the bottoms of the letters!

There are lots of swirls and deceptive loops in this triple script monogram. Look at all the flourishes at the bottom of each letter! 🙂

This monogram is the main ornamentation on a set of ten, otherwise very simple, vintage silver bread and butter plates.

I get a lot of questions about monograms.  Even people who are not very fond of the are always curious.  Here are some answers to a few monogram FAQs.

  1. The is no single convention for monograms.  Sometimes it is the woman’s initials only, other times it can be a combination of their initials.  I’ve seen a few that were her maiden name only. 
  2. Monograms come in all sizes — single, double, triple, even quadruple letters.
  3. Old silver is almost always monogrammed to mark ownership.  Silverware has always been expensive — monograms served a dual function of decoration and deterrent.
  4. Old monograms fascinate me.  The actual workmanship on an old monogram truly is a work of art.  That hand lettering is worthy of admiration.  Funnily enough, I’d never have a piece monogrammed with my initials, but I love having others people’s monograms on my pieces.

Your Guesses Please

I’d love to see your guesses as to what this monogram is please!  Leave a comment below.


The first person to answer correctly will get a vintage silver sixpence.

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11 thoughts on “Vintage Silver Monogram | Your Guesses Please

  1. Cynthia DamerellNo Gravatar

    Looks like ABM to me, hope I’m right : ) I’ve just discovered your site & am finding it so fascinating. I’m the keeper of the family silver, much quite old…before the civil war. Sterling flatware & holloware, along with plate holloware. A very old lap desk still has the beautiful repoussed silver inkwell lids, small letter opener & tiny stampbox. Everything I have has been handed down, much is either monogramed or has the owner’s name beautifully engraved.

    hope I’m right on the ABM! Cynthia

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