New Year Resolution | Use Your Silver to Eat Your Veggies

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Happy New Year! It doesn’t seem possible that it is 2013… especially as I was not sure I was going to make it through the obligations of the holiday season.  However, by hook and by crook the holidays went smoothly here in Chez Magpies and I’m relishing the symbolic fresh start the New Year always offers us.  And of course the season of the New Year Resolution is upon us.

The Veggie Tray Always Seems to be the Underdog

New Year Resolution

When I asked which salt should I use? Mr. Magpies looked at me like I had lost my mind.

We had our annual holiday party on the 30th, and it came to me that how I present the food and drinks has become more important each year.  I suspect much of this concern is a natural by-product of running Silver Magpies and being a regular blogger.  Presentation is obviously a huge part of Silver Magpies…and it has taken on a new life with the experiments in photography I’ve been doing since the summer.

Tempering all that artistic angst, though, is the fact that I do not have endless amounts of time and have even less talent to devote to making things just so.

It came to a pass the afternoon of the party when I was arranging the vegetable tray.  Not that it is a big hangup in my life or anything, but let’s face it…veggie trays are boring.  The poor veggie tray is already facing a terrible handicap at any party; it’s the veggie tray.  For the majority of us mere mortal partygoers it’s a bit of a losing proposition.

“Hmmm, what should I have, this delicious high-fat high-calorie Gorgonzola cheesecake* or a cherry tomato?”

But presentation is half the battle, right? So I decided to expend a bit of effort on the underdog vegetables this year.  Taking a cue from dazzling displays I’d seen in the run up to the holidays I tried to incorporate one theme that ran through all of them, varying the height within the display. (Another theme was exotic veggies chopped and sliced into dramatic shapes but that was a non-starter for me.)

New Year Resolution

My humble effort to liven up the underdog vegetable platter.

New Year Resolution

My effort was very modest in comparison to some of the examples I’d seen. Compared to the ‘average’, though, I thought I’d upped the appeal factor by quite a lot.  To Mr. Magpies’s bemusement, I filled an empty corner with some shells offering sea salts and brought out the big guns of my gorgeous Narragansett spoons for the salt and dip.  The look he gave me when I asked what color salt I should put in the shells was priceless.

The experiment seemed to work as well.  The veggie tray was less populated than it often is by the end of the party.  Not decimated like the Gorgonzola cheesecake, but the vegetables had definitely  seen some heavier-than-usual action.  I consider it a succes and the basis of a New Year Resolution.  Use your silver to eat your veggies; nice presentation makes everything more appealing.


* The Gorgonzola cheesecake turned out to be a star.  Photo and recipe coming next week.  Stay tuned!


Mr. Magpies saw this photo and said “That photo is almost enough to make me want to eat some veggies”.  See!  Success 🙂

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8 thoughts on “New Year Resolution | Use Your Silver to Eat Your Veggies

  1. UniqueNiqueNo Gravatar

    Lol that is awesome yay for the veggie platter displayed with gorgeous silver 😀 Welcome to 2013 look forward to hearing more about your lovely finds

    1. Silver MagpiesNo Gravatar

      I thought the veggies deserved a helping hand! All the best in 2013….looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work too. Especially the blue pieces 😉

  2. julie LoRussoNo Gravatar

    Happy New Year Nan,
    It looks great. I labored over my veggie tray this year too. I pinned pictures of the ones I liked and really thought through the veggies that would be included. I think it looked fantastic, but I forgot to take pictures. AND, like yours, it didn’t get as much action as the crab cakes and tenderloin.

    Hope to bump into you soon 🙂


    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      I think that is the sad fate of the veggie platter, to be second fiddle, at least among most omnivores. But it’s good to have improved the odds a bit. Remember your camera next time!! Off to have a look at your Quick pix. Happy New Year

      ~ Nan

  3. ElizabethNo Gravatar

    I have a silver term question again 🙂
    What does lap over edge mean? You mentioned it in a previous post but I am unclear as to what it is. Thank you!

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