Last Minute Christmas Decorations | Silver Bowl to the Rescue

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I’ve managed to scrape together a few last minute Christmas decorations around the house…it literally came down to the 11th hour. They all follow the instant decoration formula…but they seem to look pretty good.  The composition in the photo below is cobbled together from:

  • a very old and quite ordinary silverplate bowl
  • some floral foam
  • hydrangeas and ilex (scooped up while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store)
  • and some laurel (cut from the garden when I got home and realized I hadn’t bought enough hydrangea and ilex!)

Last minute Christmas decorations

last minute Christmas decorations

Last minute Christmas decorations.

To everyone who is celebrating Christmas today, I hope it is very merry and bright.  If Christmas isn’t your holiday of choice, then please accept my best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!


Should I resolve to make slightly more elaborate efforts next year? I have a huge collection of inspiration on Pinterest.  How did you do?? Are you organized and decorated to the nth degree…or are you a bit more like me?


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