Sterling Silver Hand Mirror | Form and Function

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The post I did a couple of weeks ago about the unusual Victorian Biscuit Barrel has netted me an early Christmas present!  Joseph Grenon of Awesome Metals very kindly sent me these photos of a fantastic sterling silver hand mirror, most likely made by Samuel Jacob in London, 1896.  It has a great twist!

Sterling Silver Hand Mirror

sterling silver hand mirror

That gorgeous reverse side reminds me of a peacock…I think it is the central ‘eye’ and the arrangement of the other decorations around it.

sterling silver hand mirror
A close look reveals this intriguing lock mechanism.
sterling silver hand mirror

After releasing the lock the hand mirror transforms into a standing one!

Beautiful and functional…my favorite combination.  Many thanks again to Joseph for sharing these with me and allowing me to post them here.


How is everyone getting on with the holiday decorating/party/to-do list?  I’m in my usual time crunch and only if I seriously get into gear will I even manage to decorate the house with my silver bowl/cup + pine comes/feather = instant decoration formula.

Where does the time go?


Financial relationship disclaimer…as always, I have no financial relationship with Joseph Grenon or Awesome Metals. This shout-out is based on his generosity in sharing these photos.

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