Silver Mint Julep Cup and the 2012 Sale Starts Today

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Despite my inability to drink bourbon, I love silver mint julep cups.  I had a mint julep once…while at the Kentucky Derby no less…but it did not agree with me.  What stuck from that trip though, was a secret passion for mint julep cups. This has since broadened into a passion for silver cups, although julep cups do remain my favorite.

This holiday season, silver mint julep cups in my personal collection are going to star in my holiday decorating scheme.  This is partly due to choice…but also beginning to get tinged with a bit of necessity.  Last time I looked at the calendar it was the middle of November!  Now it’s December 4th and I’m not quite sure when I’m going to get to decorating.

This happens to me every year.  I have grand ambitions, but being time poor, my schemes have to be scaled back to a more manageable reality. Hence the silver cup holiday decorating equation……….Silver mint julep cup + decorative accent = instant decoration. FYI it works equally well with bowls too.

Enjoy this fantastic image and keep reading below for details of my once-a-year-sale!

Silver Mint Julep Cup Decoration

Silver Mint Julep Cup

Tall silver cup + pheasant feathers = instant holiday decorations. Feel free to substitute pinecones, interesting twigs, or teeny-tiny pine trees.


Click through to my shop to see the selection of silver cups in inventory at the moment.  They might inspire a decorating moment in your home.  If the eye candy does not inspire you, perhaps my once a year sale will.

From today, December 4 through December 14, 2012, enter the coupon code HOLIDAYSALE2012 and receive a 10% discount on anything in the shop, no exceptions.


Those of you who have been with me for a while know that this is genuinely the only sale I hold all year…so if something has caught your eye, now is the time to get it.

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