What is that?

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Every so often something crosses my desk which makes me pause for a moment or two to wonder ‘what is it?’

Victorian Silverplate Biscuit Barrel

This one took a moment or two.  Some sort of very sturdy purse?? 🙂

This piece stopped me in my tracks at first glance. After a little exploration, opening it up and double-checking in a book or two it dawned on me that this very fancy contraption is, for lack of a better term, a Victorian cookie jar!

A biscuit barrel to be absolutely correct. Once you open it up all sorts of wonders are revealed… lids and compartments for holding all sorts of delectables. And it comes with that handy ring/handle, I suppose so the butler could easily transport it to your picnic site.

Click through for more photos of this great piece of high Victoriana. It sold yesterday just after I listed it, but it is so much fun I decided to go ahead with my plan to post about it today. I hope the new owner enjoys it.  I can just imagine filling it with great holiday goodies.


What would you serve in it?

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