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Silver sipper straws are great fun. They are a brilliant combination allowing continuous sipping of your drink through the straw while simultaneously being able to stir it to keep the mixture perfect. I look at this particular set and instantly think ‘Mad Men’…while I’m not sure I can imagine Don Draper using one, I can definitely see Joan Holloway enjoying her drink this way.

Silver Sipper Straws

silver sipper straws

Channel your inner Don Draper or Joan Holloway and let me know what we should be drinking using these silver sipper straws?

Cocktail hour is calling.  Your Friday mission is to inspire me and tell me what cocktail you would drink through these great mid-century silver sipper straws? Let me know in the comments below what drink you suggest.  The winner (as determined by me) gets a shoutout next Friday…they might even get a small token of my appreciation…possibly something cocktail related. 🙂 So dig out your favorite drink recipe and inspire me.

FYI these silver sipper straws were made in Uxmal, Mexico probably in the 60’s.  If you are unfamiliar with sipper straws they are literally straws with a small spoon bowl attached to the bottom.  Unlike bombillas used for drinking mate, these do not have a filter, they are also made of sterling silver rather than a silver substitute.

Remember to leave me your suggestions. Even better, include your recipes in the comments below, after all I’ll need to do some taste testing with my select panel of trusted cocktail connoisseurs.  You can’t win if you don’t enter!


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4 thoughts on “Silver Sipper Straws | Friday Cocktail Ideas Eye Candy

  1. LaurieNo Gravatar

    I would have to say anything with coffee or espresso. 🙂 But I’ll name one I love. It’s great with hot coffee too!
    “Cafe Amore”
    1 oz Cognac
    1 oz amaretto
    Black coffee
    whipped cream
    Shaved almonds for garnish

    Pour the Cognac and amaretto into a tall glass
    Fill with hot coffee.
    Top with whipped cream
    Garnish with shaved almonds.

    and enjoy!! 🙂

  2. Mindy CartwrightNo Gravatar

    Silver sipper spoons look like the perfect feminine accrumnet to enjoy an icy cool mint julep
    on a warm evening. The spoon is perfect to keep the bourbon moving over the crushed ice, and
    the straw to keep a lady’s lipstick in order!

    It has long been debated whether the mint julep belongs to Virginia or Kentucky, but I think
    Kentucky has an edge on the controversy. There are myriads of recipes for this traditional Southern drink, but Henry Watterson, the famous editor of the Courier-Journal two generations
    ago, can still stand as the ultimate authority on the best of all mint juleps:

    Pluck the mint gently from “it’s bed, just as the dew of the evening is about to form upon it. Select the choicer sprigs only, but do not rinse them. Prepare a simple syrup, and measure
    out a half tumbler of aged bourbon. Pour the whiskey into a well frosted silver cup full of ice with several sprigs of mint – just to sniff the fragrance. Throw the simple syrup away.”

    ( Borrowed from one of my favorite go-to cookbooks ,The Heritage of Southern Cooking by
    Camille Glenn)

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