Silver Jam Server | Summer’s End Eye Candy

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It’s been a beautiful blue day in DC so I’ve been madly taking photographs to take advantage of the light. With the change of season, I’m definitely noticing the shorter days and increased frequency of rainy, gloomy days. It’s making me twitchy to finish my enormous photography project before too long. Today I spent quite some time shooting this silver jam server.

I decided to fill it with a homemade raspberry jam I made back in May or June when raspberries were in the farmer’s market.  I can hardly believe summer is over.  However, there was a certain satisfaction in being able to capture in a photo the essence of summer in the silver jam server.

Silver Jam Server Eye Candy

silver jam server

This silver jam server is a gorgeous way to display your summer jam-making efforts (or if jam-making isn’t your thing, use store bought and no one will be wiser!)

The silver jam server is a four piece set, made in the US during the 1950s.  The jar is crystal with a pretty floral pattern and vertical slashes.  The saucer, lid, and spoon are all sterling silver.  It would be a nice addition to the tray when your loved one brings you breakfast in bed (cough, cough. Excuse me as I fall over laughing at the thought). If no one brings you breakfast in bed you could always break it out for brunch guests. 🙂

It also might make a useful bar piece…fill it with olives or onions for your martini, or perhaps some Brimfield cherries to pop in a Cosmopolitan.


I can’t resist.  Here is a photo taken 5 minutes before I pressed publish on this post.  What a gorgeous day!! I literally popped out the back door, pulled out my iPhone and clicked away…all the time hoping I wasn’t going to get brained by a falling acorn.

silver jam server - beautiful photography day

Blue skies…but beware the legions of plummeting acorns!!



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