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Figs in chocolate was meant to run last week. I had it all planned and was extremely excited. As you may remember I’m partial to figs and have written about them before (see Green Figs and Ham).

figs in chocolate

I adore all the color variations in the figs. The way the green and purple blend together and especially the grey bloom you can see on the fig in the foreground.

This time it was going to be even better!  My teeny, tiny fig tree, planted last summer, grew a late season crop.  Through the scorching late summer the figs had grown and matured.  I managed to keep the marauding squirrels and birds from stealing them off the tree.

Finally, 5 precious figs began to loll on their stems, a sure sign of perfect ripeness.  I picked them and hurried inside to get to work. In contrast to the green figs my neighbor gave me earlier in the season, these ones were much smaller, and I decided to use chocolate rather than cheese.

Figs in Chocolate

The chocolate was melted, perfumed with a touch of brandy, and the figs were dipped.  An hour on some parchment paper was next, so the chocolate would set.

Now, what to photograph them in? I settled on a gorgeous oval vintage silver bowl.  The ruffled rim could easily have been overdone, but instead it is restrained and organic to the overall design.  My figs in chocolate would complement its beauty.

I brought the figs, still on the parchment paper, into the dining room with my equipment and put them down to finalise a few technical details.  When everything was set, I turned to place the figs in the silver bowl.

figs in chocolate

It wasn’t me, honest!

Dun, dun, dun!  Where were my figs!!  Instinct urged me look under the table.  What did I find?  A dread predator of unguarded goodies.

Unbeknownst to me, Talisker had slipped into the room. I usually keep her out when I’m photographing food for just this reason!  When I put the figs in chocolate down on a low table and turned my back she struck…silent and deadly.  By the time I figured out what was going on, she was licking her lips with an innocent air and wagging her tail at me.

For those of you who are alarmed to know my dog got into the chocolate, I did check with the vet and all is well. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, but it depends both on the size of the dog and the cocoa percentage of the chocolate. As Talisker is a Golden Retriever and the figs were dipped in a miniscule amount of milk chocolate all is well.  A teacup Yorkie and bittersweet chocolate could have been a different story.

 Figs in chocolate: the body double

I was so certain the figs in chocolate and the oval bowl were going to look stunning that I bought some figs in a market and re-did the recipe. It was well worth the effort.

figs in chocolate

The re-created figs in chocolate in the vintage silver oval bowl. It was worth doing again. The mix of colors, shapes, and textures in this image is mouthwatering.


Any deadly predators in your house?

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