Vintage Silver Eye Candy| Chocolate Meringue Cookies

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It’s been a while since we had a Vintage Silver Eye Candy recipe.  As it’s heading into Autumn, which is my favorite season to be in the kitchen, my thoughts turned to a rich, decadent chocolate cookie. Actually, that’s a lie…my thoughts turn to chocolate cookies at the drop of a hat. What is true, is that Autumn is my favorite cooking season. We still have many of the gorgeous summer offering available in the markets, along with new cooler weather delights.

Vintage Silver Eye Candy

This flour-less chocolate cookie delight came to me via Divine Baking, found on Pinterest.  They were a snap to make, although I did vary from the original recipe by not rolling them in sugar and instead sifting on some icing sugar after baking.  I was feeling lazy 🙂  Master Magpies has thoroughly taste-tested them and declares the photo and recipe link fit for public release.  Perhaps this evening, Mr. Magpies will add his review.

vintage silver eye candy - chocolate cookies

Flour-less chocolate cookies, rich and decadent tasting, perfect for a day with a hint of Autumn in the air.  Shown in a vintage silver footed bowl.

While figuring out how to photograph and display them to their best Eye Candy potential, I decided to use a very simple vintage silver footed bowl.   In my book, pieces like these are serving essentials.  I know I’ve used the analogy before, but they are the little black dress (LBD) of my entertaining wardrobe.  They are equally comfortable being used on casual or formal occasions.  This piece looks fantastic in a über-casual setting against the white painted tabletop with a rustic striped linen runner.

Put this beauty on a highly polished mahogany table with your fina china and a formal place setting and it will be equally at home.  Elegant, classic, timeless…like an LDB it will resist trends and serve you faithfully without fuss or drama.


Chocolate cookies…cool weather treat or year round staple?

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