Green Figs and Ham | Vintage Silver Dish Eye Candy

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With apologies to Dr. Seuss, I couldn’t resist this title when I sat down to write this post.  I love figs…so succulent and luscious…sadly the ones available in the supermarket are a faint shadow of how a fig should really taste.  While I am patiently waiting for my fig tree to establish itself and actually bear fruit, I’m lucky enough to have a neighbor in the midst of a fig bonanza. If you have a neighbor with some figs (who will share!), or you can find them at your local farmer’s market don’t miss out on this seasonal treat.  I grilled this batch with a little goat cheese and serrano ham, hence Green Figs and Ham.

Green Figs and Ham

green figs and ham

I love how the figs are reflected in this vintage silver serving dish.

The vintage silver dish they are photographed in has recently crossed my desk.  It’s a beautiful serving piece by Gorham and I thought the figs would set it off nicely. Click here to purchase this gorgeous Gorham silver dish.

The recipe for Green Figs and Ham was recently featured on Foodista, where I’m very excited to be a regular columnist. Please the Eye and Tempt the Palate is the name of my column, and I’m focusing on seasonal, simple dishes with an emphasis on how you serve the end result.  Just because a recipe is simple doesn’t mean it can’t be spectacular! Presentation elevates the most humble foods, like Green Figs and Ham, into the stratosphere.

After your work in the kitchen, just a tiny bit of thought about presentation can have them declaring, ‘that looks delicious’ before they have even taken a bite.  If you have beautiful pieces, get them out and use them!  Keep them easily accessible, because out of sight is out of mind. Don’t wait for a special occasion, make every day best.


Mr. Magpies declared these were ‘absolutely delicious’ after finishing them while sitting on the couch watching the Empire Strikes Back with our son.

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