Tiffany Silver Flatware | Castile Melon Spoon Eye Candy

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So many melons, so little time.  When I went to the farmer’s market this morning and was waylaid by the alluring fragrance of fresh ripe melons I had no idea it is actually National Watermelon Day.  After buying a a couple of varieties of melon and think about how I was going to prepare them, my mind wandered – as it often does – to how could I use my loot from the market as props in some silver photos.  The whole melon purchase and melon day coincidence made me think of the Tiffany silver flatware melon spoons in Silver Magpies inventory.  I have a number of Tiffany silver flatware pieces on offer, but these melon spoon in the Castile pattern are my absolute favorites.

Tiffany Silver Flatware Melon Spoons

Tiffany silver flatware - melon spoons

How I wish photos could capture and convey the incredible aroma of this melon.  It is sweet and alluring and as soon as the photos were done…well let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t have to re-do the photos.  And forget making something from these melons…they are perfect as is.  Simplicity itself, just right for Friday afternoon.

For more photos or to purchase the melon spoons, click here.

The elongated nose on these spoons is absolutely brilliant.  Perfect for a very satisfactory dig and scoop of some tender, juicy melon.  Also equally facile, I would imagine, at taking a great hunk out of an ice cream sundae 🙂  Tearing my eye away from the nose, I have to say the terminal also really speaks to me.  Castile is a great Tiffany silver pattern.  It doesn’t have the flash or name recognition that many of the other Tiffany silver flatware patterns have, but this is a design that really stands the test of time.


There are some watermelons growing in the garden, but they are not quite ripe.  I couldn’t stand the thought of picking too soon.  Here is one, nestled among the greenery.  The watermelon vines are threatening to take over the whole terrace!

Tiffany Silver Flatware - watermelon




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