Silver Inventory | Make a List and Check it Twice

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How the times have changed.  Every so often a piece of silver comes across my desk that has had someone’s social security or license plate number etched into the base.  It was the 20th century answer to monograms.  Everyone who owned a piece of silver wanted to be able to identify it, if indeed it was stolen.  Monograms and armorials were very useful identifiers, and evidently some people felt social security numbers were an even better solution. It seems shocking these days to engrave your social security number on something that might well end up in the hands of a thief!  Because in all likelihood your social security number is far more valuable than your silver. Make a silver inventory instead and keep your personal details personal.

Silver Inventory

I find all sorts of things engraved into silver, but a social security or license plate number is not the way to go.

Silver Inventory

A much better idea is to document your silver and take photographs as proof.  Frankly, I would imagine that most stolen silver ends up being melted for scrap, so actually recovering your piece is unlikely.  However, if you have documented your collection…whether it is a single piece or hundreds of items…at least you will be able to prove to your insurance company what was taken.  This will improve the likelihood that you will be appropriately compensated, although the sentimental value can never be replaced.

If you are wondering just what you information you would need to capture, take a look at this Silver Inventory Kit I have developed. Yes, I’m giving it away, gratis.  Make sure your silver is documented!

We all know a home inventory is important to do.  Your silver deserves special attention.  A casual pass with the video camera might not be enough to  prove that it is sterling, not silver-plate.  Even if nothing ever happens to it, capturing the family stories is just as important as documenting its financial value.


Just do it!

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2 thoughts on “Silver Inventory | Make a List and Check it Twice

  1. BevNo Gravatar

    A friend spent hours putting his social security number on all his valuables, including silver pieces. This was years ago and he said he was following the advice of his insurer at the time. Over the years, he realized that he had made a mistake that was going to take some time and money to reverse. I will send him a link to your blog which is likely to motivate him to begin the reversal process. Thanks for the good advice!!

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Oh Bev – that’s just awful. What a waste of time and a security risk for your friend. Yes, he needs to obscure those numbers as soon as possible. Even the SSNs of deceased persons should be obscured!

      It’s an awful thing but a ‘real’ SSN number in the wrong hands can cause all sorts of financial havoc and be a complicated nightmare to set straight.


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