Tiffany Silver Tazzas and Macarons | This Eye Candy Will Make You Forget Breakfast

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Among the many (many!) aspects of my job that I love is deciding how to photograph new pieces being added to the Silver Magpies inventory. Earlier this week while considering how to best present this amazing matched pair of Tiffany silver tazzas, it struck me that they would look absolutely mouthwatering piled high with delectable French macarons.

Tiffany Silver Tazzas

Tiffany Silver Tazzas

Tiffany silver tazzas and macarons....waaaay better than breakfast!

Click Tiffany Silver Tazzas for purchase information and to take a closer look at these magnificent tazzas.

My Macaron Voyage

The only flaw in my plan was the inconvenient fact that I’ve never made macarons before.  Furthermore, after a few minutes of digging through recipes and reading reviewer comments of macaron cookbooks on Amazon I began to get extremely nervous.  It seems macarons have a reputation for being temperamental in the foodie world.  Complicated rules about aging egg whites, raging debates about allowing a skin to form and lamentations about the appearance of feet abound on the internet.

Then I stumbled upon the pastry genius of Bravetart.  With a name like that I was instantly intrigued, and Stella Parks (recently named one of the Best New Pastry Chefs by Food & Wine magazine) does not disappoint.

She has written a number of posts about macarons and guided this utter macaron novice through the process without a mis-step.  Stella takes the time to debunk many of the macaron myths with great wit and dry humor. Readers are taken step-by-step through her logic and experiments.  Her unambiguous instruction about deflating the meringue totally won me over.  As bakers we are always reminded to be oh-so-careful of our lovingly whipped meringues, lest we treat them too harshly.  But Stella clearly explains why proper ‘macaronage’…a term that strikes fear into many a heart…depends on deflating the meringue.  Eureka, I thought!

My confidence was not misplaced. In less than an hour I was thrilled to be putting the finishing touches to the lemon curd filled macarons in the photo above. If you have ever considered making macarons but been discouraged by all the hype, give the Bravetart recipe a try.  I promise you’ll be thrilled with the results.


They were (emphasis on the past tense) delicious. 🙂  Thank you Bravetart!

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