Sterling Silver and Crystal Sorbet Dish Eye Candy

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Is it broiling, roasting, steamy, hot and humid where you live? The last few days in DC have been miserable…the app I use to check the wether forecast has just displayed a bright red thermometer the last few days instead of an icon of the sun or some clouds. To counteract the misery, it seemed appropriate to make a cool treat and show the sterling silver and crystal sorbet dishes that just arrived in my inventory.

Sterling Silver and Crystal Sorbet Dish Eye Candy

silver and crystal sorbet dish

A super simple chocolate sorbet, perfect on a broiling afternoon!

For details and to purchase click here.

Despite how decadent the sorbet looks in the photo…especially served in those lovely vintage dishes, it is a snap to make and the taste will not disappoint!


Click for the chocolate sorbet recipe and keep cool!


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4 thoughts on “Sterling Silver and Crystal Sorbet Dish Eye Candy

  1. ElizabethNo Gravatar

    If you need a taste tester, I’m willing to volunteer. My resume comes with years of chocolate experience both in the enjoying and creating of all things chocolate.

    1. SilvermagpiesNo Gravatar

      Lol Elizabeth! We are well suited then…chocolate is my absolute favorite indulgence. At least this recipe is ery low fat as it is cocoa rather than chocolate.


  2. Melonie DodaroNo Gravatar

    Just looking at the sorbet make me drool. This reminds me of cooling down under the tree sharing great laughter with close friends and loved ones. I wouldn’t mind having summer for a long time if I can have this every day, served in a wonderful dish.

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