Silver Flower Vase Eye Candy

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Do you remember the scene in the monty Python movie The Holy Grail when the traveller is asked about his favorite color and he answers “red…no, blue!”  I sympathise with him when asked about my favorite flower.  Hydrangeas, no, peonies!  The very, very last of the peonies are out, competing with the hydrangeas, although I don’t remember them ever being in bloom at the same time before this year???  So as I was cataloging this amazing silver flower vase I had a tough decision…hydrangeas or peonies?

Silver Flower Vase

I decided on peonies today as they are just about over and I have quite some time before all the hydrangeas are gone.  This spectacular vase is fantastic for these long stemmed beauties.  The deep body holds lots of water and the ruffled rim gently supports the stems and allows a non-florist like myself to arrange the blooms in a pleasing way.

silver flower vase

Don't the peonies look wonderful.

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It’s been an exciting week for me…I was published not once but twice by Foodista!  Here is the latest one in case you’d like to take a look!

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4 thoughts on “Silver Flower Vase Eye Candy

  1. ReneeNo Gravatar

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! The flowers and the vase compliment each other so much. The vase would be a wonderful addition to any collection.

  2. Melonie DodaroNo Gravatar

    This is very beautiful! The vase and the flowers simply looked as if they were really meant for each other. A vase like this will always be welcome in any room.

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