Tiffany Silver Platter Eye Candy

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Today’s eye candy is inspired by a new listing added to the shop today.  As the weekend approaches and I was thinking about our plans over the next few weeks, I was imagining little scenarios in which this truly astounding Tiffany silver platter could play a starring role.

Looking for the wedding gift to end all wedding gifts?  Skip the mall and get an absolutely unique gift that will last the very special couple (and yes, they would have to be a *very* special couple to get this as a wedding gift!) for the next several hundred years.

Imagine the happy couple relaxing on a Friday night with some good friends on the porch or out on the back patio.  A cool drink in a nice glass and a lovely selection of nibbles presented on this sterling silver platter.  I searched through the fridge and pantry to see what I had on hand that could appear in this photo, and I have to say, even the most ordinary items are transformed when presented with flair on something special. 🙂

Tiffany silver platter eye candy

Tiffany silver platter

Even simple appetizers look amazing on this Tiffany silver platter.

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What I love most about thus piece are the handles. The point at which the handles join the body are covered with fantastic 3-D ivy leaves, done in the most incredible detail. Then the handles themselves are branches – almost like the French faux bois technique. Except, of course, instead of being done in concrete, it’s been done by Tiffany in sterling silver.

Can you see the depth and texture of the ivy and handles.  It’s quite astounding.  The piece itself is large, about 16 inches (40.6 cm) from handle to handle.  More than big enough to hold lots of yummies.


What would you serve on it?

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