Vintage Silver Salt Cellars | Salted Eye Candy

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Tuesday’s post discussing Silver and ‘modern’ design featuring the vintage salt cellars garnered a very thoughtful response from a number of people. Inspired by Jackie Bernardi’s comment about imagining the vintage silver salt cellars filled with ‘fluffy fleur de sel’ thought I’d follow up with salted eye candy.

However, I couldn’t decide between a white salt or my favorite (and photographically dramatic) black Hawaiian salt, so I thought I’d use both in the the vintage silver salt cellars.

Vintage Silver Salt Cellars | Salted Eye Candy

vintage silver salt cellars

Continuing our discussion about whether you really mean modern or just sleek...

Just to further our exploration of what modern means…

Just to keep you on your toes, I’ve substituted another Victorian salt cellar in this photo, but this one is going to challenge your notions of ‘Victorian’. 🙂

The cellar on the left is Victorian, but this brilliant piece turns the notion that all Victoriana is fussy and frilly on it’s head.  I think it’s simply (no pun intended) fabulous…love the bath tub shape on the pedestal base and the reticulated body.

The piece on the right is the modern cellar by Edward San Giovanni, Ridgefield, CT c. 1950.  Note the similarity of the decoration around the edges of both of these vintage silver salt cellars.

To add some fun I paired them up with unexpected salt spoons. In the Victorian piece is a beautiful American Art Deco spoon.  In the San Giovanni is a dramatic Art Nouveau spoon.

Wedding season is coming up, and any of these pieces would make a unique and deeply personal gift, one that will last for generations. Beyond using them for the obvious, use salt cellars for other condiments…wasabi, soy sauce, or sauce on the side.

To purchase the:

  • Victorian salt cellar click here.
  • San Giovanni modern salt cellar click here
  • Art Deco salt spoon click here
  • Art Nouveau salt spoon click here


Has the Victorian salt cellar surprised you? Let me know what you think about modern/sleek.

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