Pop-up Party Eye Candy

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pop-up party eye candy

Our pop-up party!

Pop-up Party

A couple of weeks ago the phone rang and some dear friends were on the line.  “What are you doing?” they asked.  “Hoping to see you” I answered.  “Great, we’re in your driveway!” Apparently they had made some purchases at a local wine and deli, were driving past and decided to stop on the spur of the moment.  Even better, they brought wine, olives, cheese, and bread!

Reveling in my luck, I invited them in got some ice in the wine bucket to get the wine chilled.

My fridge and pantry yielded up a few morsels to add to the table – some apples, the last of a roast chicken, some hummus, and marinated beans.  I tossed everything into some bowls and set the table.

We had a fantastic evening!

Keep it handy

First and foremost, our excellent evening was made possible by the generosity of my friends.  The Silver Magpies household was able to pop-up party instead having to decline, because everything you see in this photo is used every day.  I didn’t go to a single extra effort (sorry friends, but it’s true) to set this table than I would on any other night.

This follows on from Wednesday’s post about Barriers to Enjoyment, I’ve made my conscious decision to use my ‘nice’ pieces every day.


Do you have a great friends dropping-by story?

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