Sweet Eye Candy

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Sweet Eye Candy

Pop one into a glass of Prosecco for a nice Easter treat.

Sweet Eye Candy

This idea came across my screen while day-dreaming researching on Pinterest (I know, you are all amazed to hear that!).  I followed it back to Always Order Dessert and marveled over beautiful, perfect sugar hearts delicately flavored and dropped into a glass of champagne.  Alejandra Ramos is a much more skilled and patient person than I am, because I simply could not get my sugar so perfectly smooth.  You can see I ended up with a slightly more rustic looking cube.

Nevertheless, they are delicious and were a hit with my guests and I actually got to use my vintage silver sugar tongs for sugar!

A few weeks after making these it occurred to me that I could have simplified the process even further by using ready made sugar cubes.  Either the perfect squares from Domino Sugar or my favorites from La Perruche. <- Warning the La Perruche site has music playing!!  On a side note, sugar tastes like sugar, right?  Try some La Perruche and let me know what you think 😉

With apologies to Alejandra, here is my simplified recipe:

Sweet Eye Candy

  • 1 box sugar cubes
  • assorted flavored extracts ( I used lemon and orange extract and rosewater)
  • water
  • food coloring (optional)

There are no hard and fast measurements because this is very much a matter of personal taste and highly dependent of the flavor and strength of the extract you use.

In a small bowl place some water.  Slowly, add some extract until the mixture is pleasantly flavored. If desired add some food coloring (again, go slowly!)

Once the flavor and color are to your satisfaction, quickly dip the bottom of a sugar cube in the mixture. Turn it upside down and put on a paper towel. The colored flavoring will wick though the entire cube and any excess will be absorbed by the towel.

Repeat with as many cubes and flavors as you desire.  Dry thoroughly and store each flavor in a dry, airtight container until ready to use.

Click for a printer friendly version of Sweet Eye Candy.


These might add a festive note for an Easter feast.

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