Silver Phoenix Eye Candy

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Of all the patterns, designs, engravings, mottos, monograms and various other things I see on the pieces of silver that cross my desk it’s the mythological creatures that truly capture my imagination.  Perhaps it’s a function of spending  lots of time reading mythology (and Harry Potter for that matter) but whenever a Phoenix appears, it makes me smile.

Several pieces in my personal collection, as well as one or two in my inventory, are graced with a silver phoenix.  Interestingly, every single one I have ever seen with my own eyes has faced to the left. I had a look to see if there was a particular significance, but haven’t found an answer.

Have you ever seen one facing the other way?

 Silver Phoenix Eye Candy

silver phoenix

A silver phoenix.


The phoenix shown is engraved on the bridge of an antique pair of sugar tongs.

Click here for full details -> silver sugar tongs & milk jug

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2 thoughts on “Silver Phoenix Eye Candy

  1. IvetteNo Gravatar

    That’s lovely. I admit I’d never seen Phoenix’s in silver before but will be looking for them now!

    The facing left thing HAS to mean something….

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