Silver Mote Spoon

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We’re taking a quick break from the monogram challenge today.  Instead we’re going to take a look at one of my favorite, although sometimes perplexing pieces, the silver mote spoon.

Silver Mote Spoon

silver mote spoon

The silver mote spoon is very distinctive with its pierced bowl and pointed tail.

Whenever I have mote spoons out on display, they are guaranteed to generate lots of questions. People do a double-take at that pointed tail and ask, “What is that for?”

Silver mote spoons are a relic of the great afternoon tea ritual. It would be used to transport loose tea from the caddy to the tea pot.  The pierced bowl (on this spoon it is a series of star punches) would allow small crumbled leaves and dust to get filtered out, so they didn’t end up in the tea pot where they would be so small they’d end up in someone’s cup.

The wonderful pointed tail comes in handy when the grid on your tea strainer gets clogged with tea.  Simply use the point to push the tea leaves out and voila, free flowing tea.

Adaptation suggestions?

Now, I know there are still a few die hard loose tea drinkers out there, but most of us have been seduced by the convenience of the tea bag.  You also know how much I like to use silver in untraditional ways.  I’m a firm believer that the name/title of a piece of silver is a suggestion rather than a jail sentence.

My Monday Challenge to you today is tell me how you’d re-purpose a mote spoon?!  For more photos and details -> Silver Mote Spoon

Last week’s monogram challenge

sterling silver revere bowl

Hmmm, I have the sneaking suspicion there will be lots of correct answers for this one 🙂

I was right about this monogram getting lots of correct answers!

The answer is, of course, W.  And the winner is Jay Remer!

Congratulations Jay, please contact me to claim your silver sixpence.


Don’t forget to tell me what you’d use that mote spoon for.  Best answer wins a silver sixpence!

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3 thoughts on “Silver Mote Spoon

  1. bevNo Gravatar

    I would use the spoon to serve olives and pickles– which are standard offerings on our table. The spoon is a beauty!!

  2. James BaldwinNo Gravatar

    Personally, I think silver mote spoons make great Olive spoons- you can easily fish them out of the jar, and then spear them with the pointed end!

    Do you often see 18th century English ones? They are quite plain in construction, but have the most beautiful pierced bowls.

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