Silver Master Butter Knife Monogram Challenge

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Silver Master Butter Knife

A swirly, embellished double.

Good morning. After the break in routine for last Monday’s chcolate-mint apron giveaway, we are back to the monogram challenge.  Today’s challenge is on a sterling silver master butter knife.

This sterling master butter knife dates from around the turn of the 20th century.  It is decorated on the front side with a gorgeous bright-cut pattern of a five petal flower…perhaps a dogwood or a wild rose.

The blade has a lovely scimitar swoop to it.  Not just for butter, I use these knives to cut cakes, spread jams, jellies and terrines.  They are very useful.

Click here for full details of this silver master butter knife.

Are you wondering how to play?

It’s easy, just take your best guess educated response and leave it as a comment below. If more than one person gets it right, I will break the tie by drawing names from a hat.

Click for the official rules, fine print and all important prize information.  Due to the vagaries of Google search, click here if you are looking for the rules of monograms on silver. The winner will be announced the following Monday.

Previously on the monogram challenge

Sterling silver Victorian clothes brush

A triple surrounded by a swirling Art Nouveau pattern.

This was a very difficult one. Small, swirly, and on a curved surface so it was awkward to photograph.

Nevertheless, rising above all these challenges we have a winner!  The answer is JYA and Elizabeth provided the correct answer.

Congratulations Elizabeth, please contact me to claim your silver sixpence.


Thanks for playing! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Silver Master Butter Knife Monogram Challenge

  1. bevNo Gravatar

    My best guess is SG– which I acknowledge leaves some swirls unaccounted for!

    Love your site and articles in Silver Mag. I now use my silver and wash it in the dishwasher (with no problems!) because of your ideas and advice. BTW- I have small silver wine cups without stems that now serve as little vases for early spring flowers. The silver’s gleam in the sunshine is a wonderful complement to the yellow daffodils. Thanks for sparking my ideas!

    1. SilvermagpiesNo Gravatar

      Hello Bev

      Thanks for visiting my site. I’m thrilled you are enjoying my column in Silver magazine, it’s lots of fun to write. Your wine cups and daffodil combination sounds wonderful….feel free to send me a photo (hint, hint) I love to feature real life readers using their silver in my Friday eye candy posts! 🙂


  2. Jane F @ AtticmagNo Gravatar

    Love butter knives with smitar blades. I have a plated one that sort of goes in two directions. It’s Aesthetic style, a favorite of mine. Still coming around to collect my prize when I have a minute. Always so soothing to see your lovely things. Jane

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