Chocolate mint eye candy

By happy accident I discovered that this Sunday, the 19th of February is National Chocolate Mint day.  It struck me that was crying out for some eye candy.

Really, don’t you think –> Brownies + Mint + Silver = Eye Candy?

Chocolate mint eye candy

Chocolate mint eye candy

This delicious confection is an amalgum of two favorites – brownies and chocolate covered mints.  If you are a fan of dense, fudgy, decadent, irresistible brownies run – do not walk – to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for Alice Medrich’s Best Cocoa Brownies. After many years of extensive brownie testing this one wins all the prizes.  You can see I’ve had to cut the brownies into tiny little 1 inch squares, any larger and it isn’t possible to finish, they are that rich.

As for the mints, I was doing my grocery shopping in Trader Joe’s today while absently wondering how to mint-ify my brownies when I found their chocolate covered mints.  It struck me that I could arrange some on top of the brownies just after they came out of the oven, let the residual heat melt them, and then spread it evenly with a spatula.

Of course, they needed to go a a nice platter to serve and be photographed.  This nice cake platter by Watson, made c. 1905-1929 fit the bill. Click for full details of the Vintage Silver Cake Platter.


Chocolate + mint.  Thumbs up or down?


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