The ocean in silver

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Combining two of my favorite things, the ocean and silver, these marine-themed spoons by spoons by Gorham are captivating with their attention to even the smallest detail.

Aesthetic era silver

Marine themed spoons by Gorham. Look at that oyster shell!

Detailed realism

The ridges on the oyster shell and the branches of the coral draw one in, then notice the tiny barnacles and grains of sand at the point where the handle meets the bowl. It bears repeating that on a fine piece of silver the back is as well crafted as the front!

Aesthetic era in silver

These Gorham spoons are so compelling because the marine theme is carried through the entire piece.  By contrast the Tiffany spoon from the Aesthetic era post has that incredibly detailed blackberry handle, but then the motif gives way to the more conventionally shaped bowl of the spoon.  Don’t get me wrong, Blackberry is a masterpiece, but these head-to-toe characterizations of ocean life really speak to me.

Now, I suspect some of you are wondering why I’m not calling them Gorham Narragansett? The answer is that I’m not certain they are.  Every Narragansett spoon I’ve ever seen has a crab on it, and these clearly do not. My reference books are sadly quiet on this pattern, stating only that Narragansett was produced in very limited quantities, and no 2 pieces were alike.

Err on the side of caution

As it really doesn’t matter to me what they are, I’m not going to worry about the names.  Although I will continue to dig into their background. Even Christie’s was cautious about definitively naming items as Narragansett, preferring to go with the more general ‘marine themed’.


Note the retina searing price though 🙂

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