Vintage Silver Pastry Fork Eye Candy

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Vintage silver pastry fork

Sometimes things speak to you... m

Without doubt the most commonly asked question I get about my choice of profession is ‘how can you bear to part with those gorgeous things?’  Most of the time it’s not a problem…but every so often, something comes along that captures me.  These vintage silver pastry forks managed to do just that.

A modern interpretation of the traditional Hanoverian style, these are by Gorham in the Old London pattern, c. 1916. What caught my attention?

These are not the rarest, most expensive pattern ever.  In fact quite the opposite.  Old London is a relatively un-noticed pattern outshone by the earlier Victorian masterpieces by Gorham and Tiffany.  I suspect also Old London suffered from extremely bad timing.  1916 was not a great time to be introducing new silver patterns.  World War I had been raging in Europe for 2 years and the US would shortly commit troops in 1917. Hardly an auspicious debut.

Three things made me pay particular notice.

  1. The shapes created by the tines.  Those spaces in-between – called cutouts – have flares and curves and a personality all their own.  I find this particularly charming on pastry forks.
  2. The detail on the back of the fork.  You’ll see it in the video. As I’m always saying, the back of a well made piece of silver is just as gorgeous as the front.
  3. Finally, the perfection of the terminal end of the handle.  The plain handle, only relieved by the tapered edge comes to a perfect up-tilt.
Vintage silver pastry fork

See the tilted end? How could I resist??

Of course, once you actually have gorgeous vintage silver pastry forks in hand what should you do?

Vintage silver pastry fork eye candy


Does anyone else now need a nap?

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  1. carol saundersNo Gravatar

    Now I’m starving, but feel I may have dodged the bullet on multiple hundreds of calories!!!

    We’ll be away this coming week Tue pm til ??? so pls call b4 coming over. Carol

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