Birthday lunch candid eye candy

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Candid eye candy

By the best sort of coincidence the label on the Prosecco bottle is my favorite color. It was the first time I had tried Lamarca, but it won't be the last. Delicious!

A huge thank you for all the lovely candid eye candy photos that show up in these posts is owed to my incredibly patient and tolerant friends. Just about everyone now understands that accepting an invitation almost certainly means the meal will stop at odd moments for a photography session!

Last Friday, I had a dear friend over for a cozy lunch to celebrate her birthday. As it was just the two of us I used an end table in the living room instead of setting the dining room table. We had a great time eating, chatting, and partaking of some absolutely delicious Prosecco.

While waiting patiently as I took photos, she teased me about the last couple of eye candy pieces having only been a single photo. Apparently she misses the video and music! So in honor of a great afternoon, here is some birthday lunch candid eye candy.

Birthday lunch candid eye candy

A French twist

While we were chatting the subject of the cocktail naming contest came up. I was surprised she had not entered. She confessed she had a suggestion come to mind, but didn’t want to attach her name to it! Naturally I was intrigued and pressed her to tell me.

No doubt under the influence of the excellent Prosecco, she actually blushed as she revealed her suggestion (and you must understand this is not someone who in quite a few years of friendship I have ever seen blush) she thought it should have been called a ‘French #9’. I’ll leave your imagination to fill in the number represented by the asterisk.

Do you think her late entry should win a consolation prize?

I laughed so hard I cried, and then immediately promised no identifying details would be revealed in this post. Hopefully the perils of dining here won’t outweigh the pleasures and result in all my invitations being declined!


Would you accept an invitation here? 🙂

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