Vintage Silver Lancaster Spoon Monogram Challenge

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Gorham Lancaster Monogram Challenge

An unusual single.

Today’s Monogram Challenge is a single on a lovely vintage silver Lancaster spoon by Gorham.

The House of Lancaster was, of course, one of the two sides in the dynastic struggle for the English throne during the War of the Roses (English history,  not the Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie).

For full details about this set of 6 spoons click here -> Gorham Vintage Silver Lancaster Spoon

How to Play the Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge

For those of you who are new, welcome and thanks for taking a look around. The monogram challenge is simple to play. Take a look at the photo and leave your best guess in the comments below. If more than one person gets the answer correct, I’ll draw names out of my hat to break the tie. The winner is then announced the next Monday.

As with any good contest, prizes are involved. To read all about that and the official rules click here – Monogram Challenge Rules. If you are looking for information about Monograms on Silver – click Silver Monogram Rules – Google sends people astray every so often.

Last Week’s Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge

Lady Diana by Towle - monogram challenge

A nice Deco style font.

Last week’s monogram challenge was on the Lady Diana Flatware Set.

The monogram is RVB. Unsurprisingly, everyone got it correct…joking about eye doctors aside.

I was amused that on a set named Lady Diana – in obvious homage to the goddess of hunting – that the V in this monogram looks like a pair of deer antlers! is helping me determine the winner today…and that winner is…Jersey Lady!

Congratulations Jersey Lady.  Contact me and I will send your prize.


I’m thrilled and excited to have joined the team -.  I’m now the Silver Examiner for Arlington.  You can find my first article, which went live today (!) here -> Silver Magpies on the Examiner.


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