Classic Vintage Silver Eye Candy

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Classic vintage silver eye candy at it’s best.

Classic Vintage Silver Eye Candy

A perfect juxtaposition of antique and modern - this is why I love silver. Good design is timeless!

Mid Mod Designer Dorothy Thorpe

A 1950’s Dorothy Thorpe Silver Band  compote holds cranberry sauce and a c. 1890 Whiting Mfg. Co. Twist ladle is used to serve it.

I’ve only recently discovered Dorothy Thorpe, despite being an avid Mad Men viewer, I somehow missed that Don Draper has Thorpe glasses in his office!  Instead I literally stumbled across Thorpe while doing some research about modernist silversmith Alfredo Sciarrotta.

Her line of Silver Band glassware (you can see glasses in the photo as well)  is made of lovely American crystal which she then decorated with a band of sterling silver as the trim.  It’s a delicious modern twist on sterling overlay. Elegant, chic and timeless, it works perfectly with the Victorian era Twist ladle.

It’s paired in this table setting with very traditional Bernardaud cobalt and gold plates, but works equally well with a simple modern classic like Eva Zeisel’s Museum White for Hall.

Classic Vintage Silver

There is a lot of bad design in every era – trends come and hopefully they go again, swiftly.  But the pieces that are just right…they will look fabulous forever and mix and match in just about any conceivable combination. In this instance I think Thorpe and Whiting managed to avoid the minefields of their particular eras and produced enduring classics.  What an incredible skill it would be to spot these future classics while they were still contemporary!

Alas, as I lack that skill, I picked up my Thorpe piece from Amy Wilens who owns ModRendition.  As I’ve said before, anyone or anything that gets a shoutout on Silver Magpies does so because I think they are fab and I have been a full paying customer, not because I have a financial relationship with them. Amy has a great eye and is super charming to deal with, check out this Georges Briard serving platter!


Thanks for all the great feedback about the Salt Spoon – Vintage Silver and Salt post.  I have had a few amusing interactions from people who have confessed they have worried about the salt damaging the silver over the course of a dinner party! Honestly, it way tougher than most of us give it credit for.  It wouldn’t have been used, endured, and prized for 1000’s of years if it wasn’t well suited to the task. 🙂

Also, I’m glad the infomration about lead in silverplate and crystal was useful…an unintentional but benefical PSA as it turns out.



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9 thoughts on “Classic Vintage Silver Eye Candy

  1. Maryn WilliamsNo Gravatar

    I love this look! Wonder if you can tell me more about the twisted ladle. I have a set of 12 that have been passed down for at least 4 generations so I think that takes them to the 1880s time frame. We call them the Twisted Sister Spoons.

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Wow Maryn – that was quick!

      There are many variants on the twist pattern – some are done by Whiting (who did them the best IMO). All date from the 1880-1890’s timeframe. All of them are gorgeous and look as fresh today as they did 120 years ago.

      If you’d like to share a photo…hint, hint…I might be able to give you some more details. 🙂

  2. IvetteNo Gravatar

    Oh how beautiful. I think we’re really privileged to live at this point in design history and be able to mix and match antique, with vintage, and with contemporary. That is a beautiful combination above. I wasn’t familiar with Dorothy Thorpe at all (hmmmm, perhaps I should check out this Mad Men show)….. Having just seen them in person, they are absolutely gorgeous and have to have been an instant classic in their day.

    P.S. Love the white vases with greenery. Beautiful!

    Oh! And I’m laughing out loud at the “Twisted Sister spoons” very clever!


  3. Amy WilensNo Gravatar

    What is not to love about Dorothy Thorpe pieces? I love the goblets pictured too. So beautiful and timeless. And when Don Draper drinks a cocktail in his office out of his Dorothy Thorpe cocktail glass . . . ahhhh. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

    1. Silver MagpiesNo Gravatar

      Hi Amy!

      Welcome to Silver Magpies. Yes, how could anyone not fall in love with DT? Especially the wine glasses you have in your shop that I am seriously jonesing for :)…saving my pennies!!

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