Vintage Silver Celebration and a Contest

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Vintage Silver Celebration

The foundation of Drew's really delicious holiday cocktail...but something was missing!

For those of you who can’t quite bring yourselves to use your silver every day, I hope you are taking advantage of the fact that if ever there was a time of year for best, this is it! Parties, meals, family, friends make for vintage silver celebration galore.

Eat, drink and be merry

Last weekend was our annual Christmas Cocktail Party, an event I look forward to every year.  Lots of work, but great fun.

Perhaps it’s all the Mad Men episodes I’ve been watching, along with all the fab mid-mod vintage pieces that have resurfaced over the last few years, but it also seemed a good excuse to break out all the barware and have some gorgeous cocktails.  In a (rare) fit of inspiration I hired an awesome bartender (thanks, Drew) and he came up with a house cocktail loosely based on the classic French 75.  His used a cranberry simple syrup and Hendricks botanical gin….here is the recipe.

Did I take a photo of this beautiful drink…not at the time…I was too busy enjoying myself.  By all accounts they were delicious. The photo above is a recreation of Drew’s festive libation…

But we didn’t manage to come up with a name.

Every great cocktail needs a name!

This calls for a contest.  The name that best captures the spirit of the drink as determined by a select panel of judges will win this lovely English sterling silver decanter tag…appropriately marked Gin. Leave your entry as a comment below.  You have until midnight on December 31st to think of something brilliant. You may suggest up to three (3) names.  Good luck!

The winner will be announced on Friday January 6th.

Vintage Silver Celebration

Gin...It seemed appropriate


Are you going to try one before you send in your entry? 🙂

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