Sterling Silver Pie Server Monogram Challenge

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Happy Cyber Monday. I hope you are well and had a relaxing weekend. To get you back in work in shopping mode, here is today’s sterling silver pie server Monogram Challenge.

Sterling Silver Pie Server Monogram Challenge

Sterling Silver Pie Server Monogram Challenge

A very tricky one.

This monogram is so complicated, it is virtually an engraved flourish or decoration. It graces the handle of an exquisite antique solid sterling silver pie server in the Bead pattern by my all-time American favorite Whiting Mfg. Co.

Bead is one of those can’t miss classic patterns.  Look at that gorgeous shell and the way the beads taper in size as your eye moves down the handle.  Just scrumptious, and that’s before it’s carrying a piece of dessert to your plate 🙂

And I have faith that one of you will solve the challenge!

How to Play the Monogram Challenge

For those of you who are new, welcome and thanks for taking a look around. The monogram challenge is simple to play. Take a look at the photo and leave your best guess in the comments below. If more than one person gets the answer correct, I’ll draw names out of my hat to break the tie. The winner is then announced the next Monday.

As with any good contest, prizes are involved. To read all about that and the official rules click here – Monogram Challenge Rules. If you are looking for information about Monograms on Silver – click Silver Monogram Rules – Google sends people astray every so often.

Last Weeks’s Challenge

Coin Silver Tablespoon Monogram

A triple on a gorgeous fiddle with thread tablespoon.

Last week’s coin silver tablespoons challenge does have a winner.
The answer is IEW and the winner is Isabelle Fredborg.
Isabelle remembered that old-fashioned cursive I’s do look a bit like J’s. So Isabelle, contact me and I’ll send that six pence to you.  This is the third one you have won!

Thank you to everyone who played. Despite my efforts to choose difficult monograms and the complication of sometimes difficult camera angles (necessary to show the engraving…honest!)  it is rare that you are stumped.

I can’t wait to see the answers for today’s challenge!



What would you serve with this piece?


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