Vintage Silver Solution for the Hostess Gift Dilemma

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Vintage Silver Hostess Gifts

A beautiful knife for delicious homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread. What hostess or host wouldn't be happy to see you?

Thanksgiving is next week and the holiday party season is about to kick off.  The next 6 weekends are going to be jam packed with social engagements…and among the pressing issues to resolve are:

  1. What to wear?
  2. What to bring the hostess or host?
As far as clothing is concerned I’m afraid you are on your own there.  I’ll be too busy standing in front of my own closet hoping for a fairy godmother to solve the inevitable sartorial crisis. For the gift, I’m going to be much more useful.
Hostess gifts are tricky.  Enough, but not too much, thoughtful but not over the top.  I’ve put together a selection to inspire you.  Some are sterling, some are silver plate.  All of them are gifts anyone would be thrilled to receive.

Vintage Silver Eye Candy to the Rescue

Vintage Silver Hostess Gift Ideas

The Good Stuff

In the spirit of holiday time selflessness, I took it upon myself to hunt down some recipes for you.  Either to make and give to your hostess/host…or print out for them to make themselves 😉

The Really Good Stuff

Going one step further, after looking at a 3 different recipes for chocolate hazelnut spread, I decided to make them all and pick the winner. One was oil based and frankly tasted it.  The end result was oily (surprise!) and gritty. Thumbs down.  Next I tried a cooked version.  This was better but a bit fiddly.  Like Baby Bear’s porridge, number 3 was just right. Creamy and glossy, great aroma & flavor…Yum! And I’m certain it will lend itself to adaptation very nicely – Macadamia Nuts, different chocolates.  Oh, the possibilities 🙂

Click these link to down load the recipes.  The PDFs are formatted to print on 4×6 cards.

Either as a printed recipe or made all the way…any of these make great partners with the appropriate serving pieces above.


Are you the entertainer or the entertained over the next few weeks?

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    1. Silver MagpiesNo Gravatar

      Thank you Sheila, I’m glad you liked them. I’m not sure if the chocolate-hazelnut spread I made for the photo shoot is actually going to make it out of the house though! Delicious 🙂

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