Tis (almost) the season for Vintage Silver Entertaining

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Vintage Silver Entertaining - advance prep

A vignette I threw together and photographed (but I did not photoshop the silver photography ūüėČ ) in early September for my regular column in Silver Magazine's December issue. Unfortunately I used real clementines and they didn't last long, and certainly not long enough until my decorations go up in December.

Monday is Halloween, that means Tuesday is…November. The holidays really are just around the corner with all the fabulous opportunities for vintage silver entertaining.

It’s been going on for weeks and I’ve commented before but the “when should the holidays start” question has fierce proponents on both sides. As this is my first real* season as an online store and I prefer the one-holiday-at-a-time approach I’ve found it difficult to strike the right balance.

After much thought, here’s what I’ve come up with. Personally, my home is not going to reflect Christmas (as that’s what we celebrate, feel free to substitute your own celebration o’ choice) until after Thanksgiving. If I weren’t living in the US, it would probably wait until December 1st.

However, in order to actually enjoy December and all the joys of the season, I need to get a lot of behind-the-scenes¬†prep and planning done. Sadly, I don’t have a magic wand to wave and *poof* it all just appears.

So excuse me for a moment while I change hat

This hidden¬†planning phase makes me feel a lot better when I put on my professional hat and tell you…

Silver Magpies is rolling out it’s holiday campaign as of right now!


I’m here as your helpful antique and vintage silver retailer and expert to get you through this prep and planning phase so the actual holidays are merry and bright, not panic stricken and miserable.

What’s in store for you?

Gift guides & suggestions, entertaining ideas & recipes, and silver care & use tips are all coming in the next few weeks so you sail through the prep like a hot knife through butter and then enjoy yourself.

Today, let’s start at the beginning. ¬†The holidays often mean a lot of entertaining – either for sit down¬†meals¬†or having a cocktail party. Even if you entertain frequently, this time of year the pace picks up. For some people it’s the only time of year they have people over.

What are the pieces that are going to be most useful? ¬†As lovely as that Victorian wig rake is (don’t laugh, there actually is such a thing!) it’s not quite as multi-functional as what I’ve got in mind.

Vintage Silver Entertaining Essentials.

These are the pieces that I consistently recommend when asked for ideas for people just beginning a love affair with vintage silver or for those seeking gift ideas. They are the versatile backbone of any vintage silver entertaining wardrobe.

You’ve probably seen me refer to silver as my home’s “little black dress” always appropriate and useful. Well these 5 are my all time bests.

  1. Tongs – sugar tongs are the super secret ninja weapon for anyone’s vintage silver¬†entertaining¬†essentials. Great at grabbing and securely holding finger food and items that come pre-portioned in small amounts, sugar tongs save tablecloths, clothing, and carpets from disaster. I use them to serve¬†crudit√©s, stuffed grape leaves, olives, chicken wings all of that little messy stuff that’s hard to control with a fork or spoon.
  2. Micro bowls Рthese are bowls that range in size from 1-5 inches across. Perfect for condiments, dipping sauces, individual potions, and serving bowls for small items like nuts and candies. Sprinkling in a few of these tiny bowls is a great way use silver.  I particularly like to mix silver micro bowls in with larger bowls made from different materials.
  3. Small bowls Рranging in size from 6 -8ish inches these are real workhorses.  I use them for everything from serving potato chips to presenting a culinary wonder.
  4. Serving bowls Рthese are the pieces that get a workout on the table. Useful for side dishes, centerpieces, even flower arrangements.  One or two of these go a long way.
  5. Serving spoons – The final star of my fab 5 is the always useful and appropriate serving spoon. Choose simple ones to blend in or find a showstopper to draw all eyes. It’s up to you, but make sure you have enough!

You can find a selection of all these items in my silver store.  Click here to enter.

And don’t worry, I haven’t¬†forgotten¬†the Eye Candy…

For all you visual folks here is the first Silver Magpies Holiday Look Book of the season. Find yourself a little something, feel free to share it with others, print it out and leave pages on your sweetie’s pillow as a subtle hint ūüôā

* I officially opened an online store on the 10th of December 2010. ¬†I’m just not going to count last year as a realistic experience!!

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