Vintage Silver Serving Spoon Monogram Challenge

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Good morning. It’s difficult to believe that it is the last week of October already! Didn’t school just start a few days ago? But I look out the window and the leaves are turning and the squirrels are busy hiding thousands of acorns that fell from the oak trees. With the turn of the month so near, I have begun to think about the holidays and entertaining that lies ahead. Thinking about that has led to the Vintage Serving Spoon Monogram Challenge.

Vintage Serving Spoon Monogram Challenge

Vintage Serving Spoon Monogram Challenge

A very fine triple...

This is one of a set of 5 serving spoons in the King’s pattern by Towle. King’s is one of those traditional Georgian silver patterns that every silversmith has in their repertoire in England.  In the US these patterns have been re-interpreted and then formalized through a formal copyright.

Up to 5 are available, so you won’t scramble at the last moment to find suitable serving pieces for all the extra side dishes the holiday feasts bring.

Back to the Challenge…

For those of you who are new, welcome and thanks for taking a look around. The monogram challenge is simple to play. Take a look at the photo and leave your best guess in the comments below. If more than one person gets the answer correct, I’ll draw names out of my hat to break the tie. The winner is then announced the next Monday.

As with any good contest, prizes are involved. To read all about that and the official rules click here – Monogram Challenge Rules. If you are looking for information about Monograms on Silver – click Silver Monogram Rules – Google sends people astray every so often.

Last week’s winner

Vintage Silver Cocktail spoon - Leonore Doskow

Just about everyone agreed on AEC.

The answer is AEC and according to my straw hat the winner is…

Nancy Brown!

Nancy, contact me and I’ll get your prize to you.



How many side dishes do you make? Are they “traditional” family ones or do you switch them every year?


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