Vintage Silver Cocktail Spoon Monogram Challenge

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Good Monday morning friends. I hope your weekend was a nice one, we had glorious blue skies here in DC.  I am a bit obsessed with the weather at the moment, because I have 100’s of photos to take and silver is tricky stuff to photograph. I can only get decent shots on days when the natural light co-operates. I’m glad I took advantage of the great light this weekend, because it is grey and gloomy today. So happily I have photographs for today’s Vintage Silver Cocktail Spoon Monogram Challenge.

Vintage Silver Cocktail Spoon Monogram Challenge

Vintage Silver Cocktail spoon - Leonore Doskow

A triple...

In a bit of a departure from the more usual engraved monograms, today this lovely vintage silver cocktail spoon is from the iconic Leonore Doskow of New York.

Leonore Doskow is famous for creating individual custom items. Often they were “novelties” such as perfume funnels or stamp holders.  Doskow did not make anything as pedestrian as a flatware pattern! Each piece is proudly stamped handmade

The use of the monogram as an integral part of the structure of the item is another trademark of all Doskow pieces.  A literal interpretation of form and function.

Shaken or Stirred?

Apparently James Bond is responsible for confusing many of us about what drinks should be shaken vs. stirred. If you are in the stirred camp, then this is the piece for you – a 12 inch cocktail or bar spoon for mixing a pitcher of fabulous drinks.

Back to the Challenge…

For those of you who are new, welcome and thanks for taking a look around. The monogram challenge is simple to play. Take a look at the photo and leave your best guess in the comments below. If more than one person gets the answer correct, I’ll draw names out of my hat to break the tie. The winner is then announced the next Monday.

As with any good contest, prizes are involved. To read all about that and the official rules click here – Monogram Challenge Rules. If you are looking for information about Monograms on Silver – click Silver Monogram Rules – Google sends people astray every so often.

Last week’s winner

Vintage Silver Oyster Cocktail Fork Monogram Challenge

A lovely triple.

Last week you were squinting and deciphering the triple on a seafood cocktail fork (are you sensing a trend in the type of flatware I keep “randomly” choosing?)

The answer is LET and we had 4 people answer correctly. Jan, Jay, Trisha, and Cindy were all right on the money. My trusty straw hat is call to break the tie again.

And the winner is…drumroll please….Jan! After a long absence from the top of the charts, she’s back!



I’m starting to think about the menu for my annual holiday bash.  I always have a signature drink…and am looking for suggestions?

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  1. Julie LoRussoNo Gravatar

    I’m guessing LEJ. I would like to come to your holiday event and I would really like to try Pims. So, that’s what I’m suggesting you serve, for purely selfish and curious reasons 🙂

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