Vintage Silver Ladle Monogram Challenge

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It’s Monday afternoon, how did that happen so quickly? I meant to get this posted in the morning but here is the Vintage Silver Ladle Monogram Challenge. This piece is a very lovely soup ladle by Watson. It’s early to mid- 20th century and as it’s been so uncharacteristically grey, rainy and cold in DC the last few weeks mind mind has been on soup! Hence the ladle connection.

Vintage Silver Ladle Monogram Challenge

Vintage Silver Ladle Monogram CHallenge

A double, but do you think that is a deliberate dot or dash between the letters or a mark made later?

How to play

For those of you who are new, welcome and thanks for taking a look around. The monogram challenge is simple to play. Take a look at the photo and leave your best guess in the comments below. If more than one person gets the answer correct, I’ll draw names out of my hat to break the tie. The winner is then announced the next Monday.

As with any good contest, prizes are involved . To read all about that and the official rules click here – Monogram Challenge Rules. If you are looking for information about Monograms on Silver – click Silver Monogram Rules – Google sends people astray every so often.

Last week’s challenge

Georgian Antique Silver

A lovely double. The second letter is easy, but that first one should give you pause.

The lovely Georgian Sugar tongs had a good sized crowd guessing about their monogram.  I’m thrilled to say not one but 2 people got it right.  Stephanie from Little Wed Hen and Jay Remer from Etiquette Guy.  The winner drawn from my trusty hat is….

Jay Remer!  Jay get in touch so I can send you your silver sixpence.

As always, thanks to everyone for playing.


One of the comments on last week’s Georgian Silver Patterns are Like Cornbread Recipes pointed out to me that I had neglected to include my fave recipe. My oversight was not in failing to share, but that I forgot to tell you I don’t have a favorite.  I’m still hunting for the “perfect” one.

When we lived in Alabama we ate many delicious pieces of cornbread…I think my missing ingredient might be a cast iron skillet.  Perhaps that is the key to the crust and texture of the finished product. If anyone has suggestions or a recipe they would like to share, pretty please, feel free.


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8 thoughts on “Vintage Silver Ladle Monogram Challenge

    1. Silver MagpiesNo Gravatar

      Hi Isabelle –

      It does look clumsy doesn’t it. I think it is an accidental mark made later, especially considering how fine the script of the monogram is.

  1. PaulaNo Gravatar

    You don’t say what the double monogram is, only that you had two winners………. This is my first time on your site. Am I missing something? I would have guessed PR. Is that correct?

    1. Silver MagpiesNo Gravatar

      Hi Paula –

      Welcome to Silver Magpies. No you are not missing anything…I always forget to say what they answer was! Jay and Stephanie both answered IR. Hope that helps 🙂

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