A Friday with Friends Vintage Silver Eye Candy

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vintage silver entertaining

The oyster cocktail forks are getting used again today. As a few people are coming over, each glass has a different pattern fork in it. For holding Brimfield cherries and identifying glasses all at the same time. That's multi-tasking!

It’s been a long rainy day in DC, I have had to have the light on in my office all day for the first time in months.  Happily I have some friends coming around in a few minutes (!) to relax at the the end of a long week.  I hope everyone reading this post can spend Friday with friends! As I’m running late 🙂 without further ado, A Friday with Friends Vintage Silver Eye Candy

A Friday with Friends Vintage Silver Eye Candy

A quick explanation

During the week a couple of people have said to me “how do you have time to do this?”  That’s the whole point, look closely at the photos, it’s nothing complicated…tomatoes, salt, butter, bread.  The food is about as simple as it gets.  As for the glasses, plates, vintage silver, it’s all clean and ready to go in the kitchen because it is used regularly and stored right there. Couldn’t be easier.  And when we are done…into the dishwasher it all goes.

Life is busy, but I’m not prepared to give up great pleasures – like friends and a drink – because it’s too much trouble to get everything ready. Time is of the essence, so spend it with your friends and family rather than feeling rushed as you try and find those nice plates you are certain you put in the basement last time you used them. 😉


Have a good weekend.  OMG my guests are here.  Pressing publish, now!!

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5 thoughts on “A Friday with Friends Vintage Silver Eye Candy

  1. IvetteNo Gravatar

    Thank you for another lovely afternoon. I’m probably done having kids. But after today, were I to have twins, I’d name one Sterling and the othe Kerrygold. I could have triplets and name the third Vodka, but that would just be silly. ; )

      1. Louisa BlackmoreNo Gravatar

        Yes – and I always hang on until the last possible second driving my husband and/or friends crazy.

        Just joined the Daily Basics Who’s Who -so fun! hope you’re having a fab w’end, talk to you soon.

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