Vintage Silver Entertaining with Poached Pear Prosecco Eye Candy

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vintage silver entertaining

Brimfield cherries all ready to garnish some Poached Pear Prosecco

It’s been a great week here. I hope yours has been just as wonderful. A couple of challenging new projects (which I hope to be blogging about very soon) have kept me on my toes. This afternoon I am eagerly anticipating seeing a very dear friend, who although she lives about 2 minutes away, I have not managed to see all summer. Finally we have weathered baseball, soccer, colds, meetings and all the other usual stuff to carve out some time together. What better time to do a little vintage silver entertaining?

My trip to the Farmer’s Market this morning inspired our drink and afternoon snack 🙂 Fall is very much in the air this morning.

The Brimfield cherries are making another appearance this week…lucky I made 2 batches!

Vintage Silver Entertaining: Poached Pear Prosecco Eye Candy

Poached Pear Prosecco recipe

(inspired by this recipe I found on Pinterest)

1 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups water

3 small or 2 large pears, washed, peeled and sliced

1 bottle Prosecco, well chilled

Begin by combining the sugar and water in a saucepan over a medium heat to make a simple syrup.  Stir frequently and notice how the sugar crystals begin to melt into the water.  Once the sugar has completely dissolved, turn off the heat and add the pear slices. Remove the saucepan from the heat, cover and leave to steep for 30 minutes.

After the pears have steeped, remove them from the syrup.  Finish cooling the syrup, then pour into a lidded container and put in the fridge.  It will smell simply divine.

When your guest(s) arrive, pour a small measure of poached pear syrup into the bottom of a glass, then fill with Prosecco.  Pop in a Brimfield Cherry and cheers! Enjoy your afternoon.


Do you approve of my stemware choice?

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Silver Entertaining with Poached Pear Prosecco Eye Candy

  1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

    Thank you to the lovely lurking reader who sent me an email asking about the “chopping board” in the photos. I bough a walnut bowl-sized wood turning block on eBay and then sanded it very smooth. It was about $35 when all was said and done. Cleverer people than I turn these blocks into beautiful wooden bowls. Sanding is about the extent of my abilities 😉

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Hello Jackie –

      Yay, I’m so excited! You will be receiving the Sunday brunch version….today’s post is about the TGIF one 🙂 Consider it diligent testing so everything is perfect for Sunday.

  2. Allie Estes RocheNo Gravatar

    That looks beyond fabulous and I LOVE your presentation. It looks as great as it must taste! I can’t wait to find out the what’s and where’s of the DC area. There was a Farmer’s Market closing up on my street as I arrived at our new apt last night. Check…Thursday’s here and I guess Friday’s in your corner of town? Thanks again for the welcome, Nan. I look forward to meeting you.

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Allie –

      Welcome to DC! Thanks for your kind words about my presentation 🙂 I’m going to take that as a very high compliment coming from you. I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.

      Thanks for stopping by Silver Magpies.

  3. IvetteNo Gravatar

    I am that lucky friend! And I just had the most delightful afternoon I’ve had in months!

    The presentation was even more exquisite in person. The coupes naturally! What else??? The ginger/carrot loaf was divine, as was the poached pear simple syrup and proseco! But nothing was nearly as fabulous as those cherries. They almost rivaled the company. Almost.

    And those Eva Zeisel dishes. *Swoooon*.

    Thank you thank you again!


    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Ivette –

      I’m so glad you had a good time, I certainly did. So glad you liked the choice of coupes…I thought you’d appreciate them.

      Thanks for coming over and being such a good sport about our afternoon being turned into a post. Good thing you didn’t read it until after you got home, so the presentation came as a surprise. 😀

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