Brimfield Cherries

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Brimfield Cherries Vintage Silver Cocktail Fork

A Brimfield cherry just waiting to jump into the cocktail of your choice. Yet another use for oyster and seafood cocktail forks, garnish serving tools!

The story of the Brimfield cherries…a few weeks ago, my friend the blogging coach Michael Martine sent me an email with a slightly cryptic note and a link in it.  As Michael’s hints are worth following, I clicked the link and was taken to this mouthwatering page on Hip Hip Gin Gin.

Instantly all was revealed.

Don’t those look good? I thought so too!

As luck would have it wonderful cherries were in the farmer’s market the next week. I grabbed some.  Sadly I was not able to locate any Maraschino liqueur in time for this batch. Undeterred, I decided a bottle of Absolut Raspberry would make a nice stand-in.

Packing the Essentials

When it came time to pack for the Brimfield excursion, I added a container of the cherries, along with Pimm’s makings, a silver pitcher, glasses, and a few other “essentials”.  I packed it all up in a plastic travel tote (and suddenly realized the appeal of travel trunks…perhaps I can find one!) Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to serve drinks, but I did have the happy idea to bring the cherries along to the cocktail hour(s) held the the Brimfield Tweetup Tent.

I offered them around and before too long, the bottle of cherries was gone.  It seems that the tweeps enjoyed them. 🙂 This tweet arrived in the middle of the afternoon…

If you’d like to try these at home, here is what I did

Brimfield Cherries

Brimfield cherries

Swedish vodka and cherries...oh, the possibilities...but don't get me started down that road again.

2 clean glass containers (I used these Ball Mason Jars)

1 lb washed and dried cherries

2 tbsp sugar

1 bottle Absolut raspberry vodka

Prepare yourself for making a huge juicy mess, then begin to take the pits out of the cherries.  If you have lots of kitchen gadgets you might have an olive/cherry pitter if not, find a chopstick or something similar.  I used the handle of a an oyster cocktail fork (really, I’m not kidding when I say I use my silver all the time).

Once the cherries are pitted, place them in the jars leaving an inch or so of room between the top of the cherries and the top of the jar.  More room is fine, but less will be a problem.

If you like your cherries very sweet sprinkle in the sugar. For those of you who tasted them at Brimfield, yes, that batch had sugar. Put on the lid, and gently rotate the jar to spread the sugar.  Put it in the fridge for a few hours.  This gives the cherries and cherry juice a chance to do some magic.

Then pour in enough vodka to cover the cherries.  The ones on top will float a bit (which is why you need to leave room).  Replace the lid and back into the fridge they go.  I let mine sit for a week before bringing them out to enjoy.



I’m already thinking of a different twist for the May tweetup 😉

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