Vintage Silver Has Made Connections Beyond My Imagination

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Starting an antique and vintage silver business in the midst of a recession is a choice that more than a few of my acquaintances have raised eyebrows about. Interestingly it has been more an issue of antique and vintage silver than the recession per se.

“Silver! But why? It’s so old-fashioned no one wants to deal with it anymore.”

But an amazing thing has happened, vintage silver is creating connections and striking a chord among a wonderful community of people.  Last week this delightful surprise was waiting for me on Silver Magpies Facebook Page

Elizabeth Hubbell: Silver Magpies, I largely have you and your Every Day Best book to thank for this

   Vintage Silver Connections   Vintage Silver Connections

I’m writing this post 13,000 feet in the air en route to Kansas City for a business trip. As I work, I admire the sleekness of the ultra-thin keyboard, the lightness and modern convenience of my iP…

Vintage Silver Connections

Elizabeth makes some great points doesn’t she.  How many of your wedding presents do you think you’ll be holding and cherishing in 15 years? How many would you be able to pass to your children? Those connections between generations are vital to families.

The connections stretch much further than just one generation to another. A fork can connect us with places, events, fashions, people and circumstances far different than the ones we find ourselves in at the moment.

Virtual Vintage Silver Connections

When I first began to get “serious” about taking this business online, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into.

I’ve learned a lot, made some notable mistakes, had the odd success, but best of all met an entire community of people who were receptive to my message. Make Every Day Best, if your family isn’t reason enough to get out the silver who is? Worried about cleaning silver in the dishwasher? Silver is far tougher than many people believe. Get the silver out of storage, onto the table and then into the dishwasher!


Thank you to all of you who have connected with @SilverMagpies on Twitter and followed Silver Magpies on Facebook, read, commented and asked me questions on this blog, and made purchases from Silver Magpies store! Silver Magpies has grown into a community I couldn’t even imagine.

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Silver Has Made Connections Beyond My Imagination

  1. Elizabeth HubbellNo Gravatar

    Thanks so much for referencing my post! I, too, am amazed at the instant connection I have when I find out someone else is “into” vintage silver. I instantly know that I have found another person who appreciates heirlooms, quality, history, and reducing mass consumption just by that one small commonality.

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      As you can tell, I was thrilled when you let me know about it! I’m so glad to have met you and that you are “into” vintage silver.

      Thanks so much Elizabeth!

  2. uniqueniqueNo Gravatar

    I love the silver and it is like my crystal glasses with moving halfway across the world I had to give up my crystal and silver and was upset as I had hardly used them always saving it for a special time and then you never use them. So after giving it all up I have started collecting again and now I drink out of my crystal glasses and use my silver for everyday so everyday becomes a special occasion ;~D. Love the blog

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